Best British Casino Bonus

The most common and competitive factor among online gaming casinos is the numerous different bonuses they hand out. These bonuses come in various forms and at different times; they can be handed out daily, monthly or even at random. The random bonuses are handed out on special occasions to individual players. The various bonuses may come in different forms but the most competitive of all is the Best British Casino welcome bonus. Other types of bonuses include free credit at various given times, free spins which be handed out when gaining a Wild or Scatter symbol, and / or bonuses in the form of points.
Referring back to the Welcome bonus, the Best UK Casino offers this bonus with every player’s first deposit matching it at 50% up to a maximum of £50. Therefore if a player’s first deposit if £100 then he / she will receive £50 as a welcome bonus. This bonus may then be utilised in specific games according to the rules and regulations of the said bonus. More often than not, this bonus is allowed to be played in most of the virtual games but never with the Best British Live Casino games. Another important rule and regulation of any bonus given out in the form of credit will have to meet specific wagering requirements.
A wagering requirement is an amount of given times that a bonus needs to be wagered before a player can transfer any balance from the bonus and / or withdraw the same said balance. It is important to note that once a bonus is given and the player enters a bonus entitled game, the original deposit and the bonus itself will automatically be transferred once the game is opened. Once a player starts playing one of these games, the first amount to be played with is the player’s deposit and then the bonus itself. Once the bonus has begun to be played, the wagering requirement comes into effect. The wagering requirement is calculated as follows. For example, if a player received a bonus of £25 and the wagering requirement is 20 times the bonus amount, then the player would need to wager a total of £500 (£25 bonus x 20 times wagering requirement) in order to withdraw or transfer any winnings from the balance of the bonus. If a player however manages to utilise the entire bonus amount before the wagering requirement is completed, the play may, if he / she so wishes, top up the bonus amount through deposit. However should a player not wish to receive a bonus from the start, he / she is free to cancel this bonus before it is played or wagered.

A player may cancel an allocated bonus at any point before the player accesses any games. If a player does not cancel a bonus in time, and he / she enters a game where the bonus is accepted, then the bonus will be automatically transferred to the game. In order to cancel the bonus, the player may click on the option provided in his / her online account or request the cancellation through contact with the customer support department with the Best British Casino. If a player does not cancel the bonus and only wishes to play the Best British Live Casino (where the bonuses do not apply), then the system will automatically ask the player whether or not he / she requests a cancellation of the bonus. If the answer is ‘No’ then the player will automatically be transferred to a bonus game; if the answer is ‘Yes’ then the player may carry on to play in the Best British Live Casino. Even if the player cancels the bonuses, he / she may still play the Best British Casino games where the bonus was originally allocated to.

It is important to note that any particular bonus given out may only be given once to a player’s individual account. It must also be understood that a player may only be in possession of one account in the Best British Casino. Any players caught with having more than one account, this player’s additional accounts will be automatically cancelled and any bonuses will be revoked. This condition has been places into action in order to protect players’ interests as well as the Best UK Casino’s from any players we refer to as ‘bonus hunters’. Other persons who are not allowed to open any accounts with this Best British Casino include persons who have or have had any relation with the Best British Casino. These persons include staff members including management and any associates whether involved in marketing, gaming software or otherwise. All this information and more is included in the terms and conditions of any Best British Casino Games and in the news and promotions section of the Best British Casino Bonus. If at any point in time there is any change in the said conditions, the customer care department of the Best British Casino will contact the online players directly either by telephone or email. Although more often than note, contact is made via email.

It is highly important that upon registration, all online players provide All British Casino and any other Best UK Casino with the correct personal information so that contact may be made successfully. Therefore whether to contact players regarding changes in the terms and conditions of bonuses or whether to inform online players of any new allocated bonuses, the contact details need to be correct. Id this personal information is not correct, then the online players risk not taking advantage of special offers and the ability to win big with All British Casino. Should a player however have any issues himself / herself in understanding the said terms and conditions or would like to simply enquire about any queries, they may do so through contact with the Customer services department via email, telephone or instant live chat, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, any day of the year including public holidays.