British Casino Baccarat

This is another game within the Best British Casino that is offered in both the Best British Casino Games and the Best British Live Casino. Although not the most popular of the live table games, Baccarat (or Puntobanco as it is sometimes called) still grasps the interests of many players. This is a fast moving game and is simple to place bets with. The only hard part is on the dealers’ part as it is up to them to follow strict rules and regulations on how the cards must be dealt and in what order.

As such there is not much difference between the virtual and the live version of Baccarat. Both versions deal with the same rules and regulations and the main difference between the two is that the virtual version has an automated dealer while in the live version players get to play with live dealers. The goal of the game is to place bets on the designated areas hoping that one of them will reveal to be the winning hand. A player has a set of designated areas where to place his / her bets and thus he / she can choose which if not all of the areas the player can bet on. The amounts of bets placed depend on the table limits of that particular game. In the case of the virtual version of Baccarat, there is a choice between the standard and the pro game while in the live version there is a choice of three tables which a player can join. Each one of these three tables states the minimum and maximum betting limits of the table in question and a player can select any of these three depending on his / her gaming experience and / or his / her desired betting amounts.
As such there are no limits to the amount of people who are able to join any of the games of Baccarat and there is no chance of a player waiting in a queue to play. This is something that unfortunately happens in table games within land based casinos; but there is no chance of this happening with the Best British Casino.

The way in which the hands are dealt depends on the complex rules and regulations of Baccarat which means that it is up to the dealer to follow these rules carefully. For details on these rules, a player may view the rules and regulations themselves on the Best British Casino website within the game itself. The point system of the game however is quite simple to calculate. All picture cards i.e. King, Queen or Jack and the 10 card have a total of zero (0) points while all other cards are calculated at face value (the ace = 1 point, the 9 = nine points and so on and so forth). The hand with the highest set of points wins.
In the virtual game provided by Netent, the graphics, animation and music provided give the game a relaxing feeling that any player may enjoy. Although Baccarat is a fast paced game, in the virtual version, the game can be as fast paced or as slow paced as the player wishes. This is so as the game is played on a one to one basis with each online player and whenever the player is ready, the automated dealer will be indicated to start dealing the cards. Therefore a player does not have any designated time or pressure of time to place the bets quickly. So, at the start of the game a player has a choice to place bets on either the ‘Player’, ‘Bank’ or ‘Tie’. This means that the player tries to predict which of these three hands will have the highest value in points and therefore make it the winning hand. Once the bets are placed, the player will click on ‘Deal’ and the dealer will begin dealing out the cards to each of the ‘Player’ and ‘Banker’ areas (no cards will be dealt in the ‘Tie’ area as a bet placed here means that both the ‘Player’ and the ‘Banker’ hands will have an equal amount of points). Therefore it is a choice between these two hands to determine the winning hand. The dealer will deal between two to three cards on each of the above mentioned areas until one of them wins. If a player has placed a bet on the winning hand then the player will receive winnings according to the payout of the game.

In the live version of Baccarat, the game is called Puntobanco. Both names mean the same thing but instead they use Italian names for the ‘Player’ and the ‘Banker’. These are ‘Punto’ and ‘Banco’ respectively; hence Puntobanco. As the Best British Live Casino works with the land based Portomaso Casino, all its live feed is broadcasted in real time with connection to this land based casino. Therefore, all dealers are the actual dealers within the casino itself and the feed reads the dealers dealing with the land based players and online players are free to join at any game. The games last as long as the Portomaso casino is open which is between the hours of 10:00 (CET) and 05:00 (CET). In the case of this live version, the players are given a designated amount of time to place bets on the ‘Punto’, ‘Banco’ or ‘Tie’ spaces before the dealer begins dealing the cards. Once the bets have been placed before the expired time, and the time finally runs out then the dealer within Portomaso are indicated on their screen when to begin dealing and the fast paced game begins. As mentioned earlier the same rules and regulations apply to this game as they do with the virtual game and a player may view these set of rules in the games itself on the Best UK Casino website (All British Casino). At every single moment of the game, an online player may view the goings on at the Puntobanco / Baccarat table within the Portomaso Casino as a small screen with the live video feed will zoom in and out between the dealer and the cards during the game play. The rest of the computer screen where the player will be playing will have an imitation of the actual Puntobanco table where the player will be placing his / her bets.