British Casino Blackjack

This Best British Casino provides one of the oldest and most popular casino games to online players. This game is available to be played either virtually or live. Although both types of games are played slightly differently, they both include the same main rules and regulations; the goal of Blackjack (whether virtual or live) is to obtain a complete ‘Blackjack’.

A Blackjack is a hand whose points add up to 21 points. If a players however does not manage to receive a blackjack, the goal is to have a hand with higher points than the dealer’s hand as long as the hand does not exceed a total of 21 points. The point system is easy to calculate and understand. Any picture card such as King, Queen and / or Jack has a total of 10 points each; the Ace has a total of either 1 or 11 points depending on the card drawn before or after the Ace; all other cards are calculated at face value i.e. the number 9 card has 9 points, the number 7 has 7 points and so on and so forth. The perfect blackjack is therefore made up of two cards comprised of a picture card (King, Queen or Jack) at 10 points each and an Ace card which will taken at 11 points, thus totalling a total of 21 points. It is important to note, however, that if a player does not manage to get a blackjack, then the next goal is to gain a total number of points higher than the dealer’s hand as long as the total does not exceed a total of 21 points.

In this Best UK Casino, there are two different versions of Blackjack which an online player can play. These versions include the virtual version within the Best British Casino Games and the live version within the Best British Live Casino. As mentioned earlier, the goal and main rules and regulations are the same but there is a slight difference between the two.

Let’s start off by explaining the virtual version of Blackjack. For starters, the virtual Blackjack is brought to players thanks to a gaming software company called Netent (Net Entertainment) which provides professional and modern online virtual games to the Best British Casino. This virtual version of Blackjack includes high end graphics, animation and sound effects which make this game fun to play with. In this Blackjack version, an online players plays against an automated dealer and there is no time limit to the amount of time takes for a player to place a bet. This means that the game is played on a one to one basis between the player and the automated dealer and therefore the game can be as fast paced or slow paced as the player wishes. This way the player has time to place a bet on any of the designated three areas where cards will be handed out trying to predict which hand will be the winning hand. The player can place as many bets as he / she wishes as long as they comply with the betting limits of each table. Then, whenever the player is ready from betting, he / she will then select to draw the hands whenever they wish. The automated dealer will then begin dealing the cards automatically wherever the bets have been places as well as to the dealer itself. The system will then give players the choice of whether they wish to add more cards to their hand by selecting the ‘Hit’ button or if the player wishes to stay with the hand he / she has. Players will also be given the choice at times to split their hand or bet double; in these cases the game will indicate these to the player when it is possible. The end result of the game is revealed when the dealer has dealt the last card and the dealer’s cards are revealed. The winnings are handed out according to the rules and regulations of the game.

The live version of Blackjack is different to the virtual game when it comes to the drawing of cards. As such with both virtual and live Blackjack games, there is no limit to the amount of players who are allowed to play the same game. Thus in the live version of the game it is impossible for the live dealers to communicate with each individual online player to ask whether they wish to add cards to a player’s hand or not. This is so as online players join in the live Blackjack game which is being played within a land based casino. In this Best British Casino, the Best British Live Casino makes use of a live broadcast being transmitted from the land based Portomaso Casino. The way it works is that a camera is placed on top of the Blackjack table directly connected to All British Casino where nothing is pre recorded but broadcasted live as actions are taking place within real time. The dealer is also dealing to players within the land based casino and online players can join in the Blackjack game together with the land based players. However, as mentioned earlier, in this particular live Blackjack game, an online player is unable to communicate with the dealer and the process of dealing cards is in the hands of the dealer following very specific rules and regulations of this particular game type. All a player would need to do is simply place a bet on ant / all designated betting areas within a designated amount of time. After the time expires, the dealer will be indicated from within Portomaso Casino and will begin dealing out the cards. If a hand reaches 16 points or less, the dealer will keep dealing on the same hand; if the hand has a total of 17 points or more, then the dealer will stop dealing the hand. The dealer and the hands dealt can be seen live via a small window on a player’s computer screen while an imitation of the table itself and copies of the cards being dealt will automatically appear on the imitation Blackjack tableau. The winnings are handed out according to the rules and regulations of this game based on the table limits.