British Casino Roulette

Roulette is among the most popular casino games in existence. No matter where you are from and / or if you have visited a land based casino, Roulette will be the fullest table and the most popular. It is an easy game to play and the goal is to predict which the winning number will be. However due to the increases in cost of travel, some casino players will begin finding it hard to travel to the closes land based casino as often as they would like. Therefore online casino gaming has proved to provide online gamers more satisfaction than a land based casino. This is so, as this Best British Casino has not limit to the total amount of players who are allowed to play the same game as each game is personalised whenever the game is played from his / her account. On the other hand, in land based casinos, a player may be forced to wait around until a place opens up at his / her favourite table is=f the table is full. This will never happen with the online casinos.

In reference to Roulette, this Best British Casino has two types of Roulette games that be played, the virtual in the Best British Casino Games and the live version in the Best British Live Casino. Although both types of virtual and live games are in fact Roulette games, they both have the same rules and regulations of the same game, but they still have some slight differences. However the thing they have in common is the requirements needed in order to play roulette: a spinning roulette wheel divided into numerous numbered slots where a small white ball is meant to fall into to indicate the winning number; a small white ball which will be spun in the opposite direction of the spinning roulette wheel; also a roulette tableau which is used in each game, whether virtual or live, imitating an actual roulette tableau found in land based casinos. The goal being the same for both by placing a bet on the winning number by predicting on which numbered gap the white ball will fall into in the spinning roulette wheel.

The virtual version of roulette within this Best UK Casino is played with an automated dealer and because this game is played on a one to one basis, then a player can take his / her time to place bets. Once the bets are placed, the player then selects to set the wheel spinning. The ball will then be automatically spun to reveal a number where the ball would have landed within the wheel. The virtual roulette is based on French Roulette and comes in two table limits based on low or high minimum and maximum bets. Each winning number will be marked with a marker and displayed on the screen as well as the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers of the particular game. Therefore this virtual game, as mentioned above, may be as high or slow paced according to the players’ game play as there is no designated time and the player chooses when to spin (either Quick spin or normal Spin). This version of Roulette is provided by Netent (a software gaming company) and contains excellent colours, graphics and background music. The result of the virtual game works on random number generation program which is checked by the lotteries and gaming authorities and none of the results can be manipulates or controlled by either the online casino and / or its personnel or the player himself / herself.

On the other hand, the live version of roulette in the Best British Live Casino works in a different yet similar way. For starters, when we mean ‘live’, we mean that the online player gets the opportunity to play in real time with live dealers. This type of game play is impossible as this Best British Casino received a live feed from the land based Portomaso Casino located in the country of Malta. The live feed is connected to a camera located above the dealer broadcasting the dealer dealing to players within the casino itself. This allows an online player to join in the game as if he / she were within the casino themselves. Because all this is done within real time, none of the games are pre-recorded and therefore a player may join different games at different times. As there is no limit to the total amount of players to join any of the live games, the player may not be able to communicate with the dealer but he / she may view the dealer’s every single move as the camera above the dealer will zoom in and out between the roulette wheel / dealer and the table. The game screen an online player views when playing live roulette contains a small screen where the player may see the live broadcast and the rest of the screen holds an imitations of the actual roulette table. Also, the dealers are well trained and constantly monitored by the casino and so there is no room for manipulation.

Both virtual and live versions of Roulette may be played with virtual free credit. This means that at any point in time before registering or logging in, a player can click on any of the roulette games in the Best British Casino Games or Best British Live Casino and an automatic amount of free credit is given to the player to practice the game with. Even if an online player has never played online Roulette before, he / she has the opportunity to try it out before committing to play and win with real money.

In both virtual and live roulette games, the bets are placed in the same possible ways:
– Straight Bets where a bet is placed on a single number by clicking on a particular number on the tableau
– Split Bets where a bet is placed on two adjoining numbers by clicking on the line in between the two desired numbers
– Street bets where a bet is placed on a row of three numbers on the numbered mat by clicking on the line on either the right or left hand side of the desired three numbers
– Corner bets where a bet is places on four numbers in a square format by clicking in the middle line on either the right or left hand side of the desired three numbers
– Corner bets where a bet is placed on four numbers in a square format by clicking on the middle line of the four desired numbers where the numbers meet
– Six line bet where a bet is placed on two connected rows of three numbers by clicking on the line in between two rows where six numbers will be highlighted
Then there are those bets than can be placed just off the numbered map which includes:
– Column bets where a bet is placed to highlight twelve numbers in any column by clicking on the boxes at the bottom of each column
– Dozen bets (whether first, middle or bottom dozens) where bets are made on either the first, middle or last twelve numbers by clicking on the boxes indicating the dozens
– Black or Red bets by clicking on either the red or the black boxes which will place bets on either all red or all black numbers accordingly
– Odd or Even bets by placing bets on either the ‘Even’ or the ‘Odd’ boxes and the bets will be on either all odd or all even numbers accordingly.