British Casino Slots

One of the best things about online casinos is the fact that they produce a substantial amount of various kinds of slot machines. It is true that land based casinos have various slot machines but none are like the ones offered by the Best British Casino. These games are provided by Net Entertainment (Netent) software that produces state of the art games with details animation, stunning graphics and clear pitched sound effects. These features are what make the Best British Casino Games ‘must plays’.

In our website we provide you with an explanation on the various games and some examples of the most popular slot games. Now the difference between slots and the British Casino video slots is that slots are the standard slot machines also referred to as fruit machines. The video slots on the other hand involve further interaction between the player and the game as well as further animation. The standard British Casino slots usually comprise of slots with three reels and a variety of lines ranging from one to five. These slots have the standard slot symbols and depending on the kind of slot, the winnings allow the player to progress into various modes. Some of them also include progressive jackpots where players can win a jackpot amounted from a total of percentages from all players’ bets on the same slot.

During the play of these slots, players have the opportunity to bet and spin at any given time. Players also have the chance to select an ‘Autoplay’ whereby a player does not need to constantly click on ‘Spin’ in order to the slot spinning. This way the slot machine will spin automatically utilising the same original bet. Each slot machine also gives players the opportunity to select various coin values to bet with according to the type of game being played. It is always important to read the rules and regulations of each slot machine to know what is expected and what to expect from each slot in the Best British Casino Games.
Another advantage a player will gain from playing the British Casino Slots and the British Casino video slots is the ability to make use of the Best British Casino Bonus whereby a player may utilise any bonuses handed out with these games. An example of such a Best British Casino Bonus is the welcome bonus where a player gains 50% of his / her first deposit.

The Best British Casino Games provide variations of slots, some of which include jackpots such as:
– Gold Rush: This is a slot that includes three reels and one line where players can benefit from the actions of other players through its progressive jackpot. The jackpot itself is indicated on the screen on top of the slot machine. Basically the way the jackpot works is that every time a player plays this slot machine, a percentage of the players’ bets are added to the jackpot amount. In order to take a chance in winning the jackpot is only if a player places a maximum bet and gets three Gold Rush symbols on a line

– Mega Joker: This is a slot machine containing 2 x 3 reels and 5 lines. It features three distinct modes which include basic, supermeter and of course the progressive jackpot. The way these modes differ is that in the basic mode, a bet of one or ten coins is made by clicking on the coin value. When a bet of one coin is made, one bet line is active and therefore the wins are automatically collected. If a bet of ten coins is made, the player may either collect the winnings or play in the supermeter mode (where it is required to make a maximum bet of 10 coins in order to enter). In the supermeter mode, all credits are stored in the supermeter and the player may select to collect any winnings or continue playing them. The maximum win excluding the jackpot in the supermeter mode is 2,000 coins. The progressive jackpot is an add up of a percentage of players; bets and this is shown on a screen above the slot machine. In order for a player to chance a jackpot win, he / she will need to make a maximum bet in the supermeter mode.
Among the most popular standard slot games are:

– Jackpot 6,000: This is a slot machine featuring three reels and five lines where a player may win up to 6,000 coins per game. The maximum bet to be made is up to five betting lines; maximum to be made with ten coins for all five lines which qualifies for the supermeter mode. Every time a win is made in this slot machine, a player has the opportunity to bet all or part of the winnings on a heads or tails game for a 50% chance to double those winnings or just continue without playing the heads or tails game.
– Lucky 8 Line: This is a classic slot machine with nine reels and eight lines. A player may win through the combination of any three horizontal, vertical and / or diagonal lines. A player has the choice on the number of lines he / she wishes to bet on. The maximum bet is 64 coins (8 lines x 8 line bet).

– Safari Madness: This is a lot machine configured of nine reels and eight lines. A player may win through the combination of three horizontal, vertical and / or diagonal lines. The maximum bet cannot exceed 64 coins as it is 8 betting lines multiplied by 8 lines.
Another feature of such games is the ability to play any of the slot machines on a trial basis by being allocated a specific amount of free credit before logging in or before registering for an account. This enables the player to try out any of the slot games he / she wished for free.

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